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Archaeology Festival

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29 Jul – 30 Jul

Archaeology Festival

Join us on a walk through time from the lost worlds of “terrible lizards” to secret WWII experiments.

Venture into Elan’s Jurassic Park; learn the skills of our stone age ancestors and witness the casting crafts of the Bronze Age.

Learn how the Romans marched, camped and fought as they conquered Wales.

Watch the reenactment of a 12th Century ambush as a Norman Lord seeks revenge on a Welsh Prince.

See the Medieval artisans and everyday life from the 12th – 15th Century.

Meet the Victorian Navvies and villagers.

Visit a Victorian doctor and learn about disease, medicine and surgery from 150 years ago.

Learn how the Victorian dams were built and how they were guarded during the two World Wars

July 29th and 30th, 11am – 4pm, Free entry