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Dark Skies & Stargazing

Elan Valley is a popular visitor attraction for astronomers and stargazers.

In 2015, the Elan Valley Estate achieved International Dark Sky Park status and became the first privately owned but publicly accessible park in the world to do so.

The estate was granted silver-tier status by the International Dark Sky Association (IDA) which means the entire 45,000 acres of the Elan Valley are protected against light pollution. Dark Skies protections benefit those who live and work in Elan Valley as well as visitors. The status also provides for the sanctuary of wildlife and nature which can be found by day or night across the estate. Reducing light pollution also reduces energy use and cost.

Where to Stargaze

Claerwen Car Park

SN: 870 633

Average Sky Quality Meter Readings: 21.47 MPSAS / 6.37 NELM

Craig Goch Car Park

SN: 894 686

Average Sky Quality Meter Readings: 21.52 MPSAS / 6.39 NELM

Claerwen Dam

SN: 870 635

Average Sky Quality Meter Readings: 21.47 MPSAS / 6.37 NELM

Pont Ar Elan

SN 902 715

Average Sky Quality Meter Readings:  21.54 MPSAS / 6.40 NELM

Teifi Pools

SN: 792 675

Average Sky Quality Meter Readings: 21.66 MPSAS / 6.46 NELM

* MPSAS (Magnitude Per Square-Arc Second) and NELM (Naked Eye Luminosity Magnititude) are measures of luminosity. Please see The Bortle Scale for more information.

Want to know more?

Read our Cambrian Mountains Dark Sky Guide to help you get acquainted with the night sky as well as tips for rewarding stargazing.

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