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Fishing in the Elan Valley

The fishing season on the reservoirs runs from March to October.

A fishing information leaflet and permits are available from the Visitor Centre.

Fishing further afield on the Rivers Wye, Elan and Marteg as well as Llyngwyn Lake is managed by the Rhayader and Elan Valley Angling Association.

Contact 01597 810383 or visit Rhayader Angling website.

All anglers in Wales who are twelve years and over need a rod licence. These are available from Post Offices and online. Permits will not be issued without a valid rod licence. For details about rod licences, visit Natural Resources Wales.

Elan Valley Fishing Permits

There are three types of permit available.

Elan Valley Reservoir Permit

This covers 35 km of shoreline of the Elan Valley Reservoirs (Caban Coch, Garreg Ddu, Pen y Garreg and Craig Goch), except for a small fish and wildlife conservation area between Penbont Bridge and Pen y Garreg Dam. These reservoirs are fly-fishing only. Price: £12 per day, £4 junior permit (under 18 years), season tickets are also available.

River Permit

Trout fishing season runs from 3rd March to 30th September. Coarse fishing season runs from 16th June to 14th March. Bait on rivers as permitted by the Environment Agency. No maggots allowed. Fishing on the River Claerwen is from Claerwen Dam down to the road bridge above Doly Mynach Reservoir. Price: £10 per day, £3 Junior (under 18), season tickets are also available.

Claerwen Reservoir Permit

Fly-fishing only along 20 km of shoreline of the Claerwen Reservoir, except for a small fish and wildlife conservation area at its top end, and all feeder streams of the Claerwen Reservoir and the upland lakes, except Llyn Gwngu, Llyn Fyrddon Fach, Llyn Fyrddon Fawr and Llyn Du. Price: £10 per day, £4 junior (under 18), season tickets are also available.

Please Note

No permits will be issued for the Elan Estate without the production of a current and valid Environment Agency Salmon and Trout Fishing Licence or proof of age if 11 or under.

There are no permits for Dol y Mynach Reservoir.

Read all regulations on permits before fishing.

No camping or fires are allowed.

No boats or float tubes are allowed.

Nature Conservation

The Elan Estate is mostly covered by twelve Sites of Special Scientific Interest, falls within a Special Protection Area under the European Wild Birds Directive and the Cambrian Mountains Environmentally Sensitive Area. Anglers, like other visitors to the Elan Estate, must not leave litter or behave in a manner considered to be prejudicial to the conservation of wildlife, the water supply or the farming operations.